Fraz. S. Antoinio, 1/A
12066 Monticello d?Alba (CN)
tel: +39 0173 465 111
fax: +39 0173 465219
Company Description
Sito Gruppo Industriale (SGI) is an Italian Company producing aftermarket exhaust systems and accessories for motorcycles with the LeoVince brand, with a distribution network in Europe, commercial premises in the USA, Malaysia and Brazil. From over 50years of experience LeoVince is one of the technical sponsors in many motorbikes competitions. Products: LeoVince, an aftermarket Italian brand of exhaust systems and carbon fiber accessories for street and off-road bike, ATV, scooter and custom.
US Contact
LeoVince USA
1445B South 50th Street
Richmond, California 94804
tel: (510) 232 4040
fax: (510) 232 4141
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