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Adler is a leading manufacturer of parts and components for two-wheeled vehicles worldwide. The product range includes: TRANSMISSIONS (plate clutches - centrifugal clutches - CVTs - Rubber damper for chain torsion joints - Distribution chain guides) ENGINE PARTS (intake manifolds - reed valves - AIS valves - blow-by valves - silent blocks) GEARS (primary gears, pinions, gearboxes, gearbox levers) The entire product life is fully integrated, from design to production to after sales service. World class technological resources and a global manufacturing infrastructure are the keys to success in a highly geographically, numerically and economically diversified market. Adler business strategy involves utilizing its strengths in the development, manufacturing and testing of the safety and efficacy of its products, and the complementary characteristics of its various plants, for the benefit of Adler customers Adler corporate policies, shared at all plants, center around four main areas: Continuous communications with existing and potential customers Development of human resources Continuous improvement of product and service quality Environmental friendliness Consolidated know-how, design competence, rapid new product development, customer service and flexibility make Adler the ideal partner with which to meet today market challenges.
baby seats, baskets, bicycle pedals, pumps, rear view mirros
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