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Company Description
HISTORY ADIVA corporation was born on July 31st, 1996 with a challenging goal: develop and engineer a new generation of vehicles better suited for the city mobility based on the concepts and innovations inspired by his young entrepreneur Nicola Pozio. The new approach to modern mobility consisted in implementing the concept of ?variable protection?, that is a step-by-step set-up of the chassis to combine the merits of quick and simple riding typical of scooters, with the superior comfort and protection offered by cars. Adiva development process is supported by an ongoing full simulation of the products and his components in complete details to ensure the best structural, ergonomic and aerodynamic performance from the project stage. On-the-road tests are extensively ran to evaluate alternative options, and findings are checked in wind chambers to be feeded-back to R&D. The first adiva concept scooter was shown to the Italian public in 1994, and the international patent on the adiva foldable roof innovation was granted in 2004. The first Adiva product to enter into production was launched at the Milan motorcycle show in 2000, recording an instant hit; under the OEM agreement with Benelli brand and the model name ?Adiva - Modular Protection System? was distributed worldwide, together with a restyled version sold by Renault. In 2002 ADIVA started a new industrial project to develop a second generation of URBAN COMMUTERS also characterized by the adiva ?variable protection? technology. At the same time the company started to gear up for the ambitious challenge to enter the market with Adiva own brand and corporate identity, based on innovation, trendy design, and passion. Adiva built up on the investment capital and experience gained during the partnerships with Benelli/Renault with new financial resources and local presence in main markets and is pursuing the aim of internationalize the investment base. IDEAS In the years before the establishment of the company, the adiva partners conducted in-deep researches on the concept of urban mobility in order to achieve a vehicle with unparalleled weather protection, comfort and rideability, eventually shaped as scooter ?with a roof and variable protection?. The ADIVA URBAN COMMUTER is a two-wheel vehicle, double seated, with the chassis able to protect very effectively the riders through the patented ?variable protection? system which allows at any time to modify the level of weather protection depending by weather conditions and the preferences of the riders. In a few seconds it is possible to increase or decrease the protection level by opening or closing the roof, or attaching/detaching the side deflectors and the upper deflectors. Being able to modify at any time the configuration of the vehicle allows to always ride in the safest conditions depending on the situation and the needs of the driver. The idea of the URBAN COMMUTER ADIVA, easy to drive as a scooter, comfortable as a car is meant to invent a new vehicle which is more complete, safe, and versatile. VISION The Adiva innovation reaches further momentum as it offers a response to our evolving social habits: instead of over-developing traditional city centers, cities are evolving through more distributed urbanistic models, and large scale redevelopment projects. This is a reason and a consequence of the availability of more convenient and advanced means of transportation, whose maxi scooters, as well as compact cars represent two examples, well suited to fare today?s large urban areas with multiple cultural and residential aggregation centres. Adiva opens up a new path in the evolution of urban mobility, by linking scooters and cars into a new class of two-wheel vehicle, inheriting the genes of convenience and safety of cars and flexibility of scooters. ADIVA variable protection URBAN COMMUTER is ready to run, and arise new emotions, protecting users by cold, wind, rain, smog, UV rays in everyday city traffic while making them feel safe and protected.
motorcycles 50-250cc, other types
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